Operation Samaria 2014: Paranawan


A Journey into God’s Heart.







MAP Nurses and Alice Bañas

A blessed 2014!

We trust that you all have an enjoyable, refreshing and heart fun vacation with your loved ones, and friends.

To our families, friends, church-mates, co-workers, our hosts in the area, and  MAP partners locally and abroad, thank you so much for your prayers, emotional support, financial provisions, relief goods, and medicines so that the medical-surgical emergency activities , relief goods, school supplies and carpentry tool distribution were done very successful.

The teams were physically exhausted yet the blessings of peace, joy and transcending love of Jesus Christ were demonstrated, experienced, and felt by the survivors. It was worth it all.

Here is the summary report of what MAP and volunteers did for the survivors of typhoon Haiyan:

  1. A.       PALAWAN :  November 26-28, 20013 (Coron); November 29, 2013 (Culion); December 1-4, 2013 (Busuanga);

MAP Team: Dr. Francis Daytec Jr. (volunteer physician), Dr. Dan Veneracion (dentist),Juanito ‘Yan’ Amarillo Jr., RN, Joshua Abram ‘Joab’ Afuang, RN,.

Medical and Dental Mission done at Busuanga, Culion, and Coron Palawan.

1,700 packs of relief goods from MAP donors were transported via 2GO cargo service to Busuanga and were distributed among the Yolanda typhoon victims accordingly.

500 packs of relief goods from MAP donors were sent to Coron c/o Pastor Noy Ortiz and were distributed among the Yolanda typhoon victims accordingly.

Total Number of Patients Served:   1, 152 cases


  1. B.      BOHOL :  December 16-19, 2013

MAP Team:  Dr. James Gumpal (volunteer), Dr. Heda Trias (volunteer), Tess Calupig, Cris Gardon, Julius Melad and Tess Guese (volunteer midwife).

The team has two medical doctors, 3 nurses, and 1 midwife. They served more than 1500 patients sought for consultation and distributed relief goods in Tubigon and Calape, Bohol. Everyone was seen and examined by our two volunteer doctors who willingly served the Lord through this people.

In Brgy. Bonbon, Calape, Bohol- for the first day of medical mission and relief distribution in partnership with Jesus Christ Church headed by Ptr. Rene Aplacador and six BHW; 180 patients consulted and 150 families received relief goods.

In the afternoon, the medical mission was held at Brgy. Ubujan Evacuation Area, a place they called Barangay Tent because they live in a tent. A total of 150 families live there. We served 141 patients and 344 persons received multivitamins and other supplements, and 230 families received relief goods.

In the evening was a thanksgiving fellowship. Attendees were volunteers, BHW and local officials. The program started with a prayer and exhortation by Ptr. Henry.  They are very much thankful of MAP’s presence for the relief goods, medical service but most importantly the love of God they felt through the team.

Then on the  third day of medical mission and relief distribution held at God our Saviour Jesus Christ Church at Bgry. Macaas headed by Ptr. Thelma Aguatis; 305 patients served and 850 families received relief goods.

On the last day, medical mission and relief distribution were held at brgy. Cabulijan, Tubigon Bohol. Headed by Chairman Rosalio Boja Jr., kagawad Mamac and eight BHW volunteer; 170 patient consultations and 100 families received relief goods.

The partner pastors prayed for the people while the medical team spent extra time listening to their stories.

Doc Jun is attentively listening to her story

Doc Jun is attentively listening to her story

  1. C.         Capiz Medical Team: Dec. 16-20, 2013

MAP TEAM: Oliver Yanos, Em Jimena, Dr. Abigail Buncan (volunteer) , Precious Bañas (volunteer med student), Jedilou Alip (volunteer med student),  Aaron Cheng (volunteer med student), Laksmi Sambeli (volunteer nurse)

The Capiz host NACPHIL CABUGAO PEOPLES ASSOCIATION gave the team a warm welcome, very good accommodation and delicious food.

On the first day at Indayagan, Maayon, Capiz, the team seen and treated 243 patients and distributed noche buena packs to 206 families.

Second day in Calapawan, Dumarao, Capiz they provided medical service to 270 patients, gave noche buena packs to  150 families and  255 school supply packs among elementary and high school students.

Third day, in Culajao, Roxas City, Capiz and The Good News Church Mckinley Road, Roxas City with   319 patients received medical services, 551 noche buena packs and 368 school supply packs among elementary students.

Consequently the team also uttered silent prayers to the patients while listening to their hurts and stories of their experiences during the typhoon.

Nurse Yanyan is offering a prayer to a survivor

Nurse Yanyan is offering a prayer to a survivor

  1. D.      Tacloban, Leyte and Easter Samar: December 16-20, 2013

MAP TEAM:  Dr. Eliseo Garcia, Dr. Pete Bañas, Joab Afuang, Alice Bañas, Dr. Meridith Labarda (volunteer doctor), Dr. Charlie Labarda (volunteer doctor), Erwin Blancaflor (volunteer paramedic), Pastor  Ronald Cortez (Tacloban City) and Pastor Jun Romawac ( Lawaan,Eastern Samar.)

On the first day, the team headed to Tacloban Alliance Evangelical Church, Tacloban City; 120 people received medical services.  On second day, in Sacme, Tanawan; 150 people were treated and 50 were given vitamins, then in Aslum , Alang-alang Tanawan;  the Good News of Salvation was shared  to 400 then medical service was conducted.

On the third day the team headed to Easter Samar in Lawaan and provided medical services to 250 patients. Each patient received a Gospel reading material in Samarenyo dialect. Thanks to Philippine Bible Society. Hand in hand with medical services, patients were prayed for and the team listened to the patients who expressed their fears, uncertainties, and hurts.

On the night of second day, the team and church volunteers prepared 1300 noche buena packs and 100 sets of carpentry tools. 300 school supplies for elementary and high school students.

These stuffs were distributed to Lawaan, and Hernani Eastern Samar, Sakme, Tanawan, Aslum, Alang-alng,Leyte,  Biliran, Marabut Eastern Samar, and Tacloban City.

On the third day, 75 pastors, missionaries and families of New Life Baptist Church, Tacloban City received medical check-ups and noche buena packs.



Total number of patients given medical services- 5000 cases

Total number of families given relief goods and noche buena packs- 5736 families

Gospel Literature given during the consultation –   all adult patients

No of families benefited from carpentry tools   –    100 sets

No. of children benefitted from school supplies –    555 children

Opportunity to share the Good News-                 –     400 people

Note: Pray for God’s wisdom, guidance, and direction as we plan for the Project Nehemiah rehabilitation project next week for the next few months.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthewe 25:40



  1. United Methodist Church, South and North District, Ilocos Sur
  2. Payatas A, Quezon City-Payatas Day Care & Feeding Center
  3. IRM Taguig, Beyond Our Walls Ministry
  4. God Our Savior Grace-Bohol
  5. Dingalan Christian Church-Aurora Province
  6. UCCP Cosmopolitan Church of Manila
  7. Quiapo Islamic Center
  8. Food for the Hungry Philippines
  9. Philippine Institute of Quezon City
  10. Light Christian Academy
  11. Word of Life-Laguna
  12. International Baptist Church-Makati
  13. Romblon,Romblon-12 churches
  14. Ifugao Academy-Highschool- Julongan, Kiangan Ifugao
  15. Mandaluyong Gospel Church
  16. Laos
  17. Kalimantan, Indonesia
  18. BOLFI Workers- Sarangani Islands
  19. Sama Bangingi Tribes- Zamboanga
  20. Caubian Island, Lapu Lapu City
  21. CCF Mindanao-3 churches
  22. Upper Polangi Eastern Bukidnon- 6 churches
  23. Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental- 8 churches
  24. South Gospel Fundamental Baptist Church- 9 churches
  25. North Gospel Fundamental Baptist Church- 19 churches
  26. Camiguin Gospel Team- 3 churches
  27. Central Baptist Church- 20 churches
  28. Talakag Fundamental Baptist Church- 18 churches
  29. COLA, Kalilangan Pangantukan- 9 churches
  30. Cagayan de Oro Methodist Church- 2 churches
  31. Salaam Ministries- 7 churches
  32. Tagbilaran Bohol- 9 churches
  33. Maramag, FBC- 8 churches
  34. Simang Lanan, FBC- 3 churches
  35. Don Carlos, FBC- 8 churches
  36. Laguitas Central Bukidnon, FBC- 14 churches
  37. Bethel Baptist Church, Mabinay Negros Occidental- 13 churches


  1. Municipality of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur
  2. Malaya, Cervantes Ilocos Sur
  3. Alad, Romblon
  4. Capaclan, Romblon Proper
  5. Cobrador, Romblon
  6. Municipality of Kabayan Benguet
  7. Soysoyan, Kabayan Benguet
  8. Bisocol, Kabayan Benguet
  9. Ballay, Kabayan Benguet
  10. Amlimay, Kabayan Benguet
  11. Tawangan, Kabayan Benguet
  12. Guioeng, Benguet
  13. Bakun Central,  Benguet
  14. Sinacbat, Bakun Benguet
  15. Ampusungan, Benguet
  16. Batad, Banaue Ifugao
  17. Haliap, Asipulo Ifugao
  18. Panubtuban, Asipulo Ifugao
  19. Jacmal, Aguinaldo Ifugao
  20. Bunhian, Aguinaldo Ifugao
  21. Talite, Aguinaldo Ifugao
  22. Taang, Aguinaldo Ifugao
  23. Galonogon, Aguinaldo
  24. Ubao, Aguinaldo
  25. Damag, Aguinaldo
  26. Butac, Aguinaldo
  27. Dibibi, Cabaroguis, Quirino
  28. Adalem, Quirino
  29. Nawal, Quirino
  30. Tucod, Quirino
  31. Disimungal, Nagtipunan
  32. Ismael, Nagtipunan
  33. Catawaran, Kasibu NV
  34. Siguem, Kasibu NV
  35. Makiboy, Kasibu NV
  36. Muta, Kasibu NV
  37. Bananao Paracelis Mountain Province
  38. Turkia Mountain Province
  39. Capaya Evacuation Center, Angeles Pampanga
  40. Wenceslao, Lubao Pampanga
  41. Umiray, Dingalan, Aurora Province (ongoing)
  42. Tangan-Tangan, San Jose, Tarlac (ongoing)
  43. Sipit Saburan, Puerto Galera, Mindoro (ongoing)
  44. Ambang, Puerto Galera, Mindoro (ongoing)
  45. Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro (ongoing)
  46. Kinaragan, Limay, Bataan (ongoing)


November 8 when super typhoon Haiyan locally known as ” Typhoon Yolanda” hit the Philippines devastating parts of Samar, Leyte, and Coron Palawan. Death toll rises. Survivors are helpless. We cannot just watch them crying for help, we must act as God’s hands and feet to reach out to these people.

November 11, MAP organized a medical and relief operations in Tacloban City, a major area devastated by the typhoon. Supporters, donors, volunteer nurses and doctors offered their part to be with our team.

Here are the stories from our Vice President:


Last Tuesday, the MAP workers gathered for their staff and prayer meeting. This time the prayer focused was for the Typhoon Yolanda victims in Central Visayas and nearby islands. The plan was to provide emergency relief goods and do medical/surgical services in Tacloban. I sent out prayer request to MAP friends, partners and former MAP workers about the plan. We received notes, greetings of comfort, and commitments to be part of this activity.

With these overwhelming response and commitments from whom the Lord had touched, MAP took the challenge to spear head an Emergency Relief Operation and Medical/Surgical services first to Tacloban, then next to nearby islands.

Thursday morning till 12:30 am Friday our partners and volunteers came to MAP office to help in repacking relief goods, medicines, and surgical supplies ready to deliver on Friday ( Nov.15) at 3:00 AM by C130.

Now, early evening of Nov.14, the point person coordinating with C130, instructed us that we need to limit the number of people; only medicines and medical team were allowed to take the government airlift. So we did as instructed.

Then came Friday 12:30am…the bus that was lent to MAP to accommodate the medicines the MAP medical team and volunteers headed to Villamor Airbase. Two vans from our church partner loaded with 1000 packed relief goods .When we arrived at Villamor Airbase, we were informed that the relief goods and medicines were not allowed and only two doctors can go. The group did not give up, went to talk to the air-force military officer on ground that we were endorsed to the GHQ and were listed in the manifesto. The officer was very accommodating and explained that they have no authority to decide here…they are dependent on the GHQ lists of people and stuffs to accommodate in the C130.

While waiting at the entrance of the Villamor Airbase, we saw civilians being ferried by Military tract to the military base airport ground. We went with them to the airport ground. There we saw about a hundred of them cueing to have their names listed so they can take the C130 to Tacloban. I did interviews to some of them; they have been there three days waiting hoping they can take the airlift to see their loved ones in Tacloban.

Close to the waiting area we saw tents set up. About three hundred people- children and adults just arrived by C130 from Tacloban-verbalizing tiredness, fears, uncertainty of their future, hungry, haven’t tasted rice for a week now. They were telling us that medical help is badly needed in their place in Tacloban. We just listened, tapped their shoulder and embraced them. We distributed the food such as cooked rice and adobo (baon namin sana), biscuits, and water and offered a silent prayer.

Finally our three doctors, Dr. Jun Garcia, Dr.James Gumpal, and Dr. Abigail Buncan left early afternoon to Tacloban.

Praise God Dr. Jun gave us a positive report and today he is doing assessment for a long term rehabilitation program in Tacloban and other nearby areas…

God is orchestrating everything. He sent the three to pave way for emergency care and long term care. We are doing our best to go on Monday or Tuesday by C130. Pray for Dr. Charles Reyes , from PSG who is coordinating with GHQ for C130.

I plead to all of you brethren, to continue interceding for us, we are not giving up. Yes,”All things work together for good to them that love God and who are called according to His purpose.”

To all of you, who shared your resources whether in kind, finances and manpower …MARAMI PONG SALAMAT.

This is the work of the Lord and we are His workmanship. God is teaching us to persevere and to be patient in waiting. So let us not loose heart for such a time as this God is at work and He will never be delayed.

Here is the 2nd update report:

“In His Time He makes all things beautiful in His time.”.

It was God’s appointed time on November 19, that MAP team and volunteers were set to Leyte and Samar. We were two teams-one team took the land trip to bring sufficient amount of medicine and relief goods, the other team took a commercial flight t with ample amount of medicines to start providing medical and surgical help while the other team was on the road.

The Lord spared two Bible-believing churches-the New Life Baptist Church and the United Church of Christ. The military men used a portion of the church as their camp. Praise God, we had uniformed men to guard during the night when it was totally dark and when doors of these churches were open 24/7 .

When we arrived in Tacloban Airport, this was the scenario-the noise of the C130 propeller and chopper’s engine while landing, people in uniform were all over the airport; and huge tents from from different nations were set up and served as emergency health clinics. Our very own Filipino service men were cleaning up the rubbles of the airport building.

Just a half an hour, there came our “Andrew” -Dr. Charlie, a local of Tacloban, once a MAP volunteer. Thank God he had SUV with enough space for the medicines, food and other stuff, and took us to New Life Baptist church just in the city proper. The other team, after 26 hours of travelling by land, arrived safe, joyful and complete.

On our way to the church as I was looking around the city, it was heavily damaged, no business establishments, all houses collapsed, vehicles were on top of another, a ship near the bay was on the middle of the city, the smell of decaying dead animals and humans all over the place was indeed indescribable. There was none not heavily damaged except fora few buildings and the city government buildings. The Bethany Mission Hospital had to stop operating and unable to admit patients.

While traversing the way to the city proper we heard Dr. Charlie’s, and Sweeney’s stories and experiences a day after the ravaging attack of typhoon Yolanda. I just kept silent and listened intently. I couldn’t respond at once but silently crying and praying with a heavy heart.

From Nov.19 to 22, we served the following areas:
Dulag, Leyte;
Tacloban City;
New Life Baptist Church;
City Health Office;
Tanawan, Leyte;
Palo, Leyte;
Lawaan, Samar,
and Astrodome Convention Center

We provided medical and surgical services as follows:
medical service- 888 patients( acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, wounds, skin problems, hypertension and fatigues and headaches);
given ATS and tetanus toxoid- 260;
and cleaned wounds -130
with a total of 1, 278. ( children, and adults).

On the last day of the medical service, the plan was to go home by plane. A day before leaving Leyte, we were notified that flights from Manila to Tacloban and vice versa were cancelled to give way for the government to use them to transport utilities and the victims. We resorted to travel by land. After 26 hours on the road, we arrived Manila safe and sound.

We thank the Lord for His grace, provision, strength and wisdom given to the team and for the following:

1. Dr. Charlie and family residents of Tacloban,they had been our runners, informers and “Andrew”. We were given free diesel and gasoline through the owner of gasoline named Ted from Bohol who transported 20 drums of fuel. Thus we were able to go to nearby municipalities.

2. For the warm hospitality of New Life Baptist Church-not heavily damaged. God went ahead of us to prepare a place for us to stay while in Tacloban, served as our headquarters where we work and rest.

3. The whole province had no electricity so to keep us in constant communication with MAP office, our families and other partners, a brother from New Life Baptist church volunteered to charge our mobile phones every now and then.

4. There was an instant partnership organized right there in the area; Bethany for vaccines, DOH for coordination of areas to serve, volunteer doctors, and even from DZAS to update the listeners of our activities.

5. Thank God for our home churches, co-workers in MAP, partners here and abroad, and families who were praying for us.

6. Kudos for the medical team, MAP workers and volunteers for their hard work, unity, loving witness of Christ’s love, listening hearts and joy in doing any tasks assigned to them.

7. Pray for a long-term rehabilitation program to an adopted community in partnership with churches and the LGUs.

8. Thank God we were able to gather and packed 1,740 relief goods ( rice, canned goods, noodles, biscuits, slippers, blankets, mats, clothes, detergent and bath soaps, tooth brushes and tooth pastes. They were given to Coron, Palawan and Tanawan and Dulag Leyte.

9. Thank God for the MAP team and partners who are still in Coron, Palawan. Pray for safety, good health and joy in serving our Kababayan in Coron, Palawan.

All these things would be impossible to accomplish without the intervention of the All-Powerful, Sovereign, Loving and Gracious God.

We covet your continuous prayers for MAP team and volunteers, for the next medical mission and stress debriefing activities on December 14-21, 2013 in Bohol, Bantayan Island, Lawaan, Ormoc, Ilo-Ilo, and Homonhon Island.

Alice Bañas and MAP workers and volunteers



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God's people

God’s people


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offering a prayer

EVP being interviewed by WHO

EVP being interviewed by WHO




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listening to their stories

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medical operations